Serving others, building community & telling stories.


Our goal is to serve first. Authentic stories come from knowing someone and where they came from.
Our journey began over a decade ago.  We were starting our photography careers and at the same time we had been in connection with non-profits and missions organizations and had a desire to help others.  This wasn’t always in a photo sense but rather in a human sense; the act of being there and lending a hand alongside organizations that were building long-term relationships in a particular community for the foreseeable future.  We were all fairly new friends at the time and living parallel lives; dreaming of the same things, about what an organization like Photoserve would look like.  Our dreams were like a spark to kindling that took time and nurturing and the ease of breath that in the right moment, would ignite the fire that we had been preparing ourselves for all this time.

“Life is a continuum of tiny sparks. Every once in a while one lands perfectly and sets the whole world on fire.”

So with our team in place and an organization in hand, all we need now is you. By reaching out to our community, we create teams that want to serve first with their hands and feet, yet at the same time have a unique gift of storytelling. Whether through writing, photography, illustration, print making or cinematography, you have something to give. We then partner with organizations that need volunteers to make their projects thrive. Projects range from building homes, distributing water filters, drilling wells, to helping provide food for those in need. Our team is here to serve first, but as storytellers we are able to document in a way that can be translated into our current mediums. Through this we build community by serving together, helping others and educating the world around us of the needs we encounter everyday in our local communities and around the world.  Join us in this community of serving first.


It's not about you, it's not about me, it's not about our organization or the organizations we partner with. It's about the people we serve.
Photoserve is a non-profit organization that forms teams of visual artists to partner with select non-profits and world-relief missions, aiding them in their needs by providing hands and feet on the ground for their mission. The teams’ primary goal is to always SERVE first, visually capturing the essence of the mission is a secondary, natural progression of the teams we form. Because of this, we donate back to the organization the media we create during the project to promote their individual world changing visions. After returning, we continue to tell the story on our platforms, as well as educate and share our experience to the world around us, in hopes of spurring action and creating community.


We believe in the power of coming together for the benefit of others.

At our core we want to serve others.  We can do this in many ways.  It might look like education, distribution of life giving products like water filters, helping build someone a home, or showing love to a community by just showing up.  We want to partner with organizations that need volunteers to help their cause take effect.


From these projects we want to build community through the team of storytellers in order to encourage one another in our own lives and help spark creativity.  It can be a forum of business or inspiration or friendship.  We want to build community with the organizations and the people we partner with as well.


Telling stories is a key point of what we do but if we miss the former points how can we truly tell an authentic story?  These stories can come in forms of writing, sharing, photo essays or films.  We believe each one of us has a unique idea of how to tell a story and has a voice that can impact the world around us.  We want to curate the stories we tell to unify our voices in a way that can help educate others around us and spur them to action.


Matt Savage
Matt Savage

Co-Founder + President

Brittany Girle
Brittany Girle

Co-Founder + Executive Director

Ben Skoda
Ben Skoda

Connector + Board of Directors

Stevi Savage
Stevi Savage

Co-Founder + Treasurer

Jonathan Critcher
Jonathan Critcher

Resident Illustrator + Community supporter