1. We offer opportunities for creatives to serve using their talent of creating media and telling stories.

  2. We serve non-profits by taking a team to join them in their work, create media while serving, and give that media to the organization for them to tell a better story about the work they are doing.


how we do it.

  1. We seek non-profits that have a need we can work with and form a trip.

  2. Once we have a project and details in place we open the opportunity for others to join based on the number needed for the project, usually 2-10 people.

  3. We provide each volunteer with a fundraising page to help offset the costs and encourage them to invite their individual communities into the project.

  4. When we arrive on the project our first goal is to join our partnering non-profits in serving first within the community and getting to know who we are serving. The second goal is to develop a plan to create meaningful content while serving the community and the non-profit. Every project’s work looks different based on who we partner with and aim to be flexible in the field and allow ourselves flexibility to create while serving alongside one another.

  5. Once we return we collect everyone’s edited media via an online portal and deliver it to the non-profit for them to use to help tell the better stories about the work they are doing.


why we do it.

  1. We do it to bridge the gap between non-profits and the creative community by helping to relieve the need for media so that organizations can focus on the work at hand.

  2. We do it because we desire to build a creative community that encourages a spirit of giving. Once you have participated in a Photoserve project you are added to our network of creatives that are our first contact when opportunities with non-profits arise.  

  3. We do it because we want to cultivate community with others that you serve. By spending a week with other like-minded individuals, you have the unique opportunity to serve and create together. These trips create bonds that are hard to replicate and oftentimes turn into life-long friendships.

  4. We do it because we want to encourage a spirit of giving. Our hope is that through the stories you share upon your return, that it will encourage others to serve in their own communities.

  5. We do it to share stories of hope from around the world. Not only do you have an opportunity to step into and experience other cultures, but you get to create work that carries on long after our experience has ended and truly has the ability to change lives.

  6. We do it to help those non-profits that are so busy doing the work they don’t have time to always create meaningful content that conveys what they are doing to their support communities.

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