Left to right: Matt, Stevi and Britt

Left to right: Matt, Stevi and Britt


BRITTANY GIRLE: Executive Director & co-Founder

I’m a two on the enneagram, followed by a close seven. Which means that I value relationships and people. I’m passionate about serving others and I’m always up for an adventure. 🙌🏼 ✈️ If you know me, it did not take a test to figure this out. This speaks directly to why I do what I do and why I feel so passionately about serving others. 

MATT & Stevi SAVAGE: Co-Founders

We are owners of Averyhouse, full-time wedding photographers in Chicago, IL and full-time parents to two amazing kiddos who inspire us to live a simple yet purpose filled life. We like to spend our winters in México so we don’t have to wear shoes and immerse our family in a different culture and language. We are new to enneagram and dialing in those numbers so we can talk to Britt about it. :)


BEN SKODA - board member

Former teacher, founder of Workshop Chicago, and super-dad. Ben has a calm confident personality who is not afraid to dream big. He is the voice of reason and a rock that has a creative spirit.


SHAUN GORDAN - Board member

CEO at KISS books, Shuan loves community and systems. Family man, jet-setter, and all around good guy. He inspires change and is passionate about doing this in the wedding photography community.